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Viks Distributors offers a variety of tandoors for restaurant use and home use. Our tandoors are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Viks is the only West-Coast supplier of the well-known NSF-approved Shahi Tandoors®.

What is a Tandoor?

The tandoor is traditionally a cylindrical clay oven heated by wood or charcoal. The tandoor is the type of oven used for cooking certain types of food in India and the Middle East. Kebab, chicken, lamb, and goat are some of the meats that are cooked in the tandoor, and breads such as naan and roti are baked inside. Additionally, paneer can be cooked inside the tandoor. Any food that is cooked in the tandoor is considered “Tandoori.”

The tandoors use radiant heat from the bottom, which helps with baking. Direct heat from the charcoal or gas allows for grilling and the smoke produced from the marinated meat dripping provides a smoky flavor to the dishes prepared in the tandoor.

The temperature of a tandoor can get up to 900oF. High temperatures of the tandoor allow juices of the meat to be sealed in, resulting in a tender, tasty meat as opposed to a dry meat when using other cooking methods. Tandoori cooking is fast and additional oils and butter are not necessary, making this method of cooking one of the healthiest.